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Horizontal Tank Welder


Overview of Tank Horizontal Welding Machine:

CO2 automatic welding trolley are widely used in ships, bridges, locomotives, steel, petrochemical and other industries, suitable for various welding welding structure, such as rib stiffener, cross section, welding, welding box beam, etc.. The main advantages are: 

1. Reduce labor intensity and improve working environment            

2. It is 1.5 times more efficient than manual welding.            

3. To avoid the bad quality of the weld caused by human factors, the bad rate of the general manual operation is about 20%. Automatic welding car does not produce bad welding rate, so its comprehensive benefit is nearly 200% higher than that of manual welding.            

4. High degree of automation to ensure the stability of welding quality            

5. Unskilled skilled workers can also be quickly mastered            

The HK-100S swing automatic welding car is a welding car with wiggler developed on the basis of the standard angle welder for obtaining larger weld size and once forming. It has the characteristics of simple and portable standard angle welding machine, and it can further improve the welding efficiency.                   

Horizontal Tank Welder HK‐100S Main technical parameters 




HK‐100SScope of application


Size430 mm*280 mm*290 mm


Weight 8.4 Kg
Flexible guideway2m*2 (with 16 pcs magnet)
Welding Speed150‐1250 mm/min

Driving Mode

Sprocket Driving

Adjusting range of welding gun

40 mm (Up‐Down)

120 mm (Right‐Left)

Working Angle 


Walking direction

Go forward or back

Oscillation mode


Swing Speed

0‐100 mm/min

Swing Angle 


Left and right residence time 

0‐2.5 s

Offset distance setting

0 ‐ ±8°

Machine characteristics            

1. HK-100S flexible rail wagging trolley is an automatic device, and a wide weld can be obtained by one welding. Especially suitable for the welding of a circular arc material (pipe) with a radius greater than 750mm.            

2. The swing speed, the swing angle, the center offset position, and the left and right residence time can be adjusted, suitable for various different specifications of the welding track. The walking speed of the car in the non welding state is the maximum (1250mm./min).            

* Note: due to the welding gas welding is often through the signal, and the welding inevitably leave the stump, the setting and welding machine must be closed self loop switch...... OFF. If it is set to open (ON), the welding car stops walking, but the arc will not be extinguished.            

3. All the magnets are controlled by switch. It is easy to clean iron garbage and mobile trolley, track the track to walk and avoid the phenomenon that the car is separated from the welding line.

4. A stopping device, stopping time range in the 7 S.            

5. The car is equipped with an induction stop switch, and the car can be stopped automatically after the end of the welding. It is convenient for a worker to manipulate a number of equipment at the same time.            

6. The installation and disassembly of small cars and tracks have special device control, and the operation is very convenient.            

7. Small size, light weight, easy to move and install, and unskilled workers can also be welded.                

Part name 


HK-100S is composed of car body, control box, X-Y slider, welding gun jig, guide wheel, linear guide and so on.

1. Car main body: it is also the driving device of the car, including the motor, the planetary reducer, the driving gear, the guide wheel and so on.            

2. Control box. It can adjust all the movements of the car. The details refer to the following "control panel description".            

3. Transversal device: the welding torch position is adjusted by using this device in the welding straight seam (such as container), so as to avoid the frequent movement of the guide rail.            

4. Welding torch to adjust the slider. It is a device that regulates the position of the welding gun, and it can be adjusted up and down in the middle of the welding.            

5. Wiggler: all kinds of welding modes in the process of welding need to be performed by him.            

6. Welding torch holder. It is a fixed welding gun, and the repair and adjustment are convenient for the dismantling of the welding gun. Welding torch must be clamped, attention should not be caught in the conductive part, it will lead to short circuit or electric shock.            

7. Power socket: This is an external cable socket. The ground wire of the machine is also connected to this socket. The cable socket is responsible for the connection between the car and the wire feeder and the power supply. (the other end of the cable has two branches, one feeder and the other.)            

8. Handle: move this device, please clenching this handle.            

9. Clutch handle and disassembly handle:            

10. Steel strip guide. Guide the trolley's walking route. A powerful permanent magnet is installed to make the guide rail firmly adsorb on the workpiece to meet all kinds of welding requirements, especially for the welding of arc material with a radius greater than 750mm.            

11. Magnet: a strong clutch magnet. To move the guideway, please turn all the magnetic control switches to "OFF". X-Y slider: it is a device that regulates the position of the welding gun. In the process of welding, the welding gun can be trimmed up and down.            

12. Welding gun trimming device: this device can accurately guide the welding gun to the welding position.            

13. Cable rack: can be placed near the welding gun part of the cable to reduce the load of the wiggler.           

14. Welding gun: direct gun or curved gun, user purchase. 


Control panel description 


1. Current and voltage adjustment knob: increase clockwise rotation value (Note: the upper and lower values of the twisting and twisting are for reference only, because the current and voltage will be changed due to the different type of the welder).            

2. Arc welding / free / non arc welding torch switch: switch / non welding, non welding press walking switch, car walking without only to simulate weld welding; arc welding at the end of selection, automatic arc weld appearance would be more attractive to natural selection; no arc welding end there is no end,            Send button: manual feeding device;            

3. Start button: press the start button, the car starts to walk;            

4. Stop button: if the car press the stop button in the walk, the car will stop all the movements.            

5. The power indicator lamp and a switch button: power power indicator light;            

6. Walking direction selection switch: you can choose to walk forward or backward;            

7. Up / down button to adjust the parameters: the main use of "walking speed" and "adjust the swing angle, residence time" data set; the initial state, to push this button, the walking speed increased, pulling down the button, walking speed will slow down, walking will appear in the numerical real time electronic screen.            

8. Parameter settings button to switch settings: a variety of swing value, specific operation is as follows: 1, click the button "swing angle" display flashes at this time to push up / down button to adjust the parameters of the swing angle value, increase on the other hand, the value of the angle speed less attention: in setting the swing angle will swing angle numerical suggestions is a "1", "1" because the value below will lead to unstable swing! 2, click the "stop time left," the display flashes, press up / down button to adjust the parameters of empathy, set the left stop time; 3, then press the switch to the "right time", the display flashes, press up / down button to adjust the parameters, set the right time; finally, the 4 Click.            

9. Return to the state of no choice, that is, the initial state.            

10. Welding form button: press this button to switch a welding mode. Only when a certain type of welding mode lights is displayed, it indicates that the mode is the current welding mode.            

11. Welding torch adjustment: this button switch corresponds to the "swing speed" of the welding torch, the button is pushed to the right side, the welding torch swing speed increases, the button is turned to the left side, the welding torch swing speed decreases, and the swing value will appear on the electronic screen in real time. 


1. Select the wire diameter switch.            

2. Selection of wire type, solid wire or flux cored wire.            

3. Open power distribution switchboard switch -----ON            

4. Open the welding power switch ----ON (soldering machine's self guarantee circuit switch off ----OFF)           

5. Open the CO2 gas cylinder valve, adjust the pressure to 2~3Kg/cm2, and adjust the flow in the gas switch "check" gear.            

6. The wire is sent to the front of the welding gun by hand wire feeding, and a conductive nozzle corresponding to the diameter of the wire is installed.           

7. Confirm the length of the wire. 


8. The car on the welding starting point, length adjustment around the guide rod, the horizontal fillet welding, the front side of the guide rod length than the rear side of the guide rod length is slightly shorter (welding direction).          

9. The welding gun is clamped on the welding torch fixture, and the operation angle and the moving angle of the welding gun are adjusted by the special wrench.            

(CO2 welding usually adopts the left welding method so that it is easy to observe the welding line, the shape of the weld, the effect of gas protection, etc.). 


10. Adjust the X-Y slider, adjust the position of the welding gun and the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece. 


11. Preliminary adjustment of process parameters (current, voltage) 


12. Set the continuous welding time or intermittent arc welding and endless distance and time.            

13. The CO2 gas flow and the protection effect of the molten pool are confirmed.            

14. Start welding, observe the arc, adjust the welding speed and other welding parameters until suitable.            

15. After the end of the welding, the stop switch is pressed, or the obstacle is set at the end of the workpiece to touch the stop switch of the car, so that the car will stop working automatically. 

ue scale of said maximum scale value is 500.

(7) the voltage adjusting knob: clockwise rotating voltage increases, the value of said scale, the maximum scale value is 48.

(8) a switch: press the switch time of wire.

(9): swing speed adjustment knob clockwise swing speed increases, the maximum value is 1520mm/min. With the scale, the largest scale of 10.

(10): swing adjustment knob clockwise swing amplitude increases, the maximum value is 20mm. With the scale, the largest scale of 10.

(11) stop time adjustment knob: adjust range is 0~2S, clockwise.

(12) the right stop time adjustment knob: range is 0~2S, clockwise increases.

(13) center moved to adjust knob: Shun clockwise rotation center will be shifted to the right, inverse clockwise rotation center is shifted to the left and moving maximum range is + 5mm. The maximum scale value is 5.

(14) the choice of the swing mode knob: use this knob to select the swing mode, the car's swing mode has five kinds, in addition to the first one for non swing mode, the rest are as follows: