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Our Hard facing machine for our R & D of a new generation of multi-purpose, high-performance automatic welding equipment. The utility model has the advantages of stable on-line off-line overlaying function, and the equipment is easy to operate, stable in performance and convenient in installation when the workpiece is covered and repaired on the off-line (millstone, roller mill, coal grinding) and the like. So our equipment can be better applied and on-site online, offline surfacing repair site. Our automatic welding equipment designed by our special welding. The cross linear guide and rack, cored wire feeding mechanism and a carbon rod mechanism. In personnel control, equipment installation, the operator directly linked cable, air plug can be controlled.Our hard facing machine interactive operation using TECO touch screen man-machine interface friendly and wireless remote control, displacement of a stepper drive unit, detection feedback device in automatic welding work, touch screen, real-time monitoring of operation process, production, welding time, fault alarm information feedback synchronization.

The aluminum alloy trolley and aluminum alloy arm are designed by adopting a special design turnover mechanism, and the welding head adopts universal adjusting lever. When the angle and height position is adjusted, the utility model can be quickly debugged and installed. Single can install. The high precision welding cross is made of 80×40×4 mm aluminum alloy arm and ultra small walking trolley, which makes the equipment more portable and beautiful. The aluminum alloy walking trolley controls the horizontal direction (X axis) of the aluminum alloy cross arm, so as to realize the welding walk. Aluminum alloy trolley lifting vertical direction (Y axis) aluminum alloy vertical arm stepping control, to achieve the length control. The control operating system consists of a touch screen, a control box, and a wireless remote control operating handle. The electric connection of the electric control box adopts the air plug, which is convenient and quick to disassemble and install the connection.


Equipment technical characteristics

The system uses MITSUBISHI TECOPLC program control, welding parameters, touch screen manipulation settings, surfacing time, production record function. Easy production management. The welding power supply adopts the special power supply for surfacing welding, the output characteristics are stable, the splash is small, and the air holes are not free. Operation, our company welding equipment design of wireless operating handle, obtained substantial work efficiency in the actual welding scene. The operating mechanism adopts high performance precision original, horizontal shift adopts stepping drive, four wheel feeding wire, aluminum alloy walking trolley, aluminum alloy walking arm, aluminum alloy wire feeder, Taiwan silver precise linear guide rail. Arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding, swing welding, on-line surfacing, off line surfacing, multi function automatic surfacing equipment. The X and Y axis walking mechanisms have the advantages of accurate positioning, fast response, and little error in continuous running distance. After the workpiece is formed, the welding surface is beautiful. Each unit is connected with the preparation of all imported aviation plug, durable, convenient and beautiful.